MARii Industry 4WRD Technology Platform (MITP)


The MARii Industry4WRD Technology Platform (MITP) is a one-stop advanced production management solution that tracks and gathers accurate, real-time data on the complete production lifecycle, including production planning, resource management, performance analysis, product tracking & geneology, process execution, data collection and quality management in a single, integrated cloud-based solution.

The platform provides information that allows decision-makers to understand the state of factory operations to optimize the production process. This in turn benefits manufacturers by boosting production efficiency, product quality and improve quality control response times.

The technology platform is a homegrown solution to enhance engineering capabilities, digitalization, connectivity, productivity and user-experience of industry through the digital engineering platform under MARii. It provides for seamless orchestration and synchronization of all the elements in the manufacturing process.

The technology can also be leveraged by SMEs to deploy Industry 4.0 technologies to encourage growth as a system integrator that is affordable for industry 4.0 transformation. Apart from use in the automotive and mobility sector, the platform is applicable in various industries, from furniture (Smart Furniture), handicraft manufacturers or souvenirs to optimize process lifecycle and offering higher value products.

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