5 important things you need to work in the MaaS sector

Updated: May 15

Sectors such as Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) are thriving due to its nature of business – its fast provides on-demand customised services while being affordable.

A plethora of MaaS-based business has been established in Malaysia such as Grab and Foodpanda, both providing food delivery services while Grab also serves as an e-hailing platform.

Many people choose to work in the MaaS sector to generate easy side income while some people are fully committed due to its work flexibility.

However, to ensure a smooth transition towards MaaS, a few regulations set by relevant authorities, including the Ministry of Transport (MOT), must be adhered to by workers in the sector.

Listed below are five important things you need before you begin your career MaaS.

1. Technology-friendly

Working in the MaaS depends on digital technologies as most of the services provided by MaaS companies are mobile application based – designed to be on-demand, easily accessible, and user-friendly.

Hence, a compatible smartphone is needed to ensure compatibility with the required apps (such as Grab, Foodpanda, and Lazada) so that you can receive notifications regarding customers who are interested in utilising the services you provide.

2. Adhere to the necessary regulations as stated by the government

Picture source: www.grab.com

The government has set a few guidelines to ensure the smooth implementation of MaaS services in the country.

For example, e-hailers such as Grab drivers will need to have a valid Public Service Vehicle (PSV) license – a type of vocational driving license that allows the holder to drive any type of vehicle used to transport paying passengers.

Other requirements also include having a valid e-hailing Vehicle Permit (EVP) to operate as an e-hailing vehicle. It is also compulsory for all drivers to contribute to SOCSO.

3. Ensure your vehicle is insured according to the government’s regulations

Vehicles used for delivery and transportation services in the MaaS sector requires e-hailing insurance on top of the regular motor insurance.

This insurance is important as it covers loss or damage to your vehicle, liability to passengers and third-party, as well as personal accident coverage while you are operating as an e-hailing driver-partner.

4. Perform regular vehicle maintenance to ensure smooth delivery/transport

Being on-demand, responsive, and fast are some of the core benefits in using MaaS services and to ensure those requirements are always met, it is important to regularly maintain your vehicle.

Grab, for example, requires vehicles aged more than 3 years to undergo PUSPAKOM vehicle inspection to certify that the vehicle is fit to operate as an e-hailing vehicle.

It is also important to ensure the safety of your customers – Grab requires all of their drivers to keep a 1kg fire extinguisher – either Carbon Dioxide (CO2) or dry chemical powder and a “warning triangle” measuring 405 mm x 51 mm (16’ x 2’).

5. Familiarisation with online transactions

Picture source: fintechnews.sg

It is important to familiarise yourself with online transactions as the MaaS sector is focused on cashless transactions, in line with digitalisation.

For example, the Grab app has an e-wallet (GrabPay) where consumers can utilise it to pay for the services they use.

The e-wallet feature can also be linked to your personal bank account for an even more seamless experience. (Drivers must use a personal Bank Account linked to their IC number).

The Grab app also has an “Earnings” section designed to aid drivers in tracking their earnings and performance.

Before beginning your journey in MaaS, ensure that you have all completed all the necessary requirements to avoid the hassle of going through unwanted procedures. Most importantly, always make sure of your vehicle’s condition before you begin your job as your vehicle is the most important tool in your MaaS career.

*Featured image source: vulcanpost.com

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