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Big Data Analytics & IoT Showcase, MARii App previewed at MITI & Agencies Assembly

New technologies developed by MARii for the automotive and relevant sectors were previewed during MITI & Agencies Monthly Assembly, held in Cyberjaya yesterday.

Minister of International Trade and Industry, Datuk Darell Leiking launched the MARii Big Data Analytics (BDA) and IoT Showcase, a new feature of the MARii Cyberjaya HQ that showcases the various technological possibilities that arise through advances in big data analytics (BDA) and the internet of things (IoT).

The applications of BDA and IoT are far reaching within the manufacturing sector, connecting the entire automotive value chain – from manufacturing to aftersales – in a data driven ecosystem that allows for faster and more accurate decision processes, derived from a myriad of available data transmitted throughout the supply chain.

These technologies have been developed through MARii to enhance the development of the Malaysian industry, overcoming technology investment anxiety and spurring the initiation of learning curves for both business owners and the talents that reside within such businesses.

The Minister also launched the MARii App, the agency’s latest digital outreach tool that features latest news, events, and information in a single application that is linked to various MARii’s communication channels – including its website, social media channels, video page, audio podcasts, and many more.

The MARii App places all the information, news and trends into the pockets of our stakeholders, in a single application that is accessible by the touch of a button.

The BDA & IoT Showcase was preceded by the introduction of MiMi, MARii’s social humanoid assistant, optimised for human interaction and capable of recognizing faces and basic human emotions. MiMi, which stands for MARii Interactive Machine Intelligence, will serve as a MARii’s own platform for advanced backend development in the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

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