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CNY Special: 5 things to pay attention on before embarking on your long-distance trip

The first long break of the year has arrived. This also means, it is time for some of you to take a long drive back to meet your hometown or to go for a holiday.

With that, we at the Malaysia Automotive, Robotics and IoT Institute (MARii) would like to give you 5 tips you need to ensure while you’re about to make your trip.

1. Lesser luggage, smoother journey

Vehicles that are overloaded can threaten road safety and are contributing to many accidents on the roads.

An overloaded vehicle will not only put the driver at risk but also passengers and other road users.

Depending on the vehicle, an overloaded one will be less stable, difficult to steer and take longer to stop. Vehicles react differently when the maximum weights which they are designed to carry are exceeded.

Other than that, the excessive weight can cause the tyres to lose pressure quickly, affecting your vehicle’s fuel consumption. The lower the tyre pressure, the higher the fuel consumption.

Moreover, a low tyre pressure will also cause damage to the tyre’s tread, which can drastically reduce the safety level of the vehicle.

If you’re not sure what the pressure should be, you can usually find the figures near the lock of the driver’s door.

Hence, always make sure there is a proper plan before making a long trip so that you do not overpack.

2. Child sitting in wrong places

If you’re travelling with a baby or a young child, ensure that they are seated in a proper place.

It is important for them to be seated away from active airbags. This is because, the inflation of an airbag is occurred at a very high pressure that can cause serious injuries when comes into direct contact with a child.

When there is no choice but to seat a child directly in front an airbag, deactivate that particular air bag so that it doesn’t inflate.

Other than that, if you’re placing only one child seat in the back row of your car, install it in the centre of the seat (only if it is a good fit), rather than next to a door to minimize the risk of injury during a crash.

3. Unfastened seat belt at the back poses threat to the passenger in front

Testing by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has found that unbelted passenger sitting behind is up to two times likely to cause fatal injuries to the person sitting in front, despite them having fastened their seatbelts.

Despite it not being a law in Malaysia, it is important to buckle up even in the back seat of a car to ensure everyone’s safety.

You can watch the video above to get a more in-depth view on this topic.

4. Sufficient rest ensures safety

As a driver, you have a very important responsibility to ensure safety for all passengers in the car.

It is therefore important to get enough rest prior to embarking on your journey, especially if the journey is a long one. Inadequate rest may reduce your attention span, and this is very important especially on the road.

Always ensure that food and drinks are available in the car to keep you refreshed throughout your journey.

If the sleepiness does not seem to go away, stop at the nearest R&R to have a quick nap. If there are more than one driver with you, it is possible to switch drivers as well.

5. A well-maintained car promises a smooth journey

Ensure that your vehicle is well maintained and serviced to avoid unnecessary delays and occurrences while making your holiday trip.

It is important to make sure that your car tyres are in optimal condition, all oil levels are at the required amount and that all the lights of your car are in working condition.

This will guarantee a smooth journey to your destination.

The utmost importance during your travel is safety, not only of you and your passengers but also of other road users.

Always be alert of your surroundings and do not rush to ensure that no unwanted circumstances happen.

We hope all of you have a joyful and safe journey during this Chinese New Year. With this, we at MARii would like to wish all of you, “Gong Xi Fa Cai”!


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