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Don’t forget those who may not be connected

With the MCO in effect, people are now resorting to online platforms to fulfill their errands such as payment of bills, food delivery, and essential shopping. However, not all of us are privileged to access the Internet whereas some groups of people do not have the knowledge, skills, or equipment to utilise these online services.

“Usually, my children will be the one handling my errands such as purchasing things online and paying my bills. It saves time as I don’t need to travel to the bank or shops but with the MCO in effect, it makes it difficult for me as I don’t have a proper internet connection nor a compatible device.”, said a resident of Kampung Bahagia, Banting.

A resident of Kampung Padang Balang said, “I am not a technology savvy person, nor do I have the capability of learning how to use a gadget. I find it too complicated for people of my age. I depend on my children to help with things related to technology but ever since the MCO came into effect, my children cannot travel and it also advisable not to.”.

In times like this, it’s essential we support one another in any means necessary and one way of doing so is by helping people with limited to no access to the Internet.

1. Perform online transactions

Picture source: amanz.my

Through online banking applications such as Maybank2U, PB Engage MY (for Public Bank users), and AmOnline (for AmBank users), users can perform online transactions on behalf of their loved ones to pay utility bills, amongst various other functions. This feature enables transactions to be performed anywhere, anytime.

2. Purchase essentials items online

The availability of online shopping platforms such as Lazada allows us to purchase essential items for loved ones with ease. Just choose the desired items to be purchased through apps such as Lazada, perform the necessary transactions online, and get it delivered to the person’s home. It’s that easy to help a person in need!

3. Delivery of food through online platforms

Picture source: www.foodpanda.my

The restrictions in effect during the MCO makes it hard Other than purchasing groceries and goods, the availability on e-payment systems enables us to also purchase food through Foodpanda, or order for a ride through e-hailing platforms such as Grab in case there’s an emergency to attend to, all of which can be done online without the need of traveling anywhere.

4. Book a Grab in times of emergency

Certain situations still require a physical approach thus, when such a situation arises for your loved ones, you can help by booking them a Grab ride (or any other equivalent services). With e-hailing services, users can choose the pick-up and drop-off point no matter where they are, allowing them to book rides on behalf of another person. Plus, most of these apps come built-in with security features such as live tracking, enabling you to keep an eye on them.

5. On-demand grocery shopping

Picture source: www.freemalaysiatoday.com

On-demand grocery shopping has become popular ever since the MCO came into effect with well known anchors such as Tesco, Jaya Grocer and Redtick providing such services.

Users can simply browse their online catalogue and place their orders and get them delivered to their doorstep. Applications such as Bungkusit and Lalamove also provide similar services, making it easier for you to remotely help your loved ones, at the same time safeguarding their health by ensuring they do not have to leave their houses to get their groceries and other essential items.

A list of websites and apps specialising in this service can be found by clicking here.

6. Keep them up to date with the latest news

Not being able to access the Internet will prevent your loved ones from getting the latest updates, apart from those being broadcasted on national television. However, you can do your part by giving them a call and keeping them up to date. Most importantly, calling them and talking to them is the best way to make them feel belonged.

This is a shared experience that’s stressful for everyone and no one knows how long it will take to fully curb the COVID-19 pandemic, therefore, it is vital to remain connected with your loved ones, share positive news and keep them in the loop to avoid loneliness, depression and other unwanted consequences.

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