Ensuring safety and security during delivery of essentials and services

It is extremely important for businesses that are permitted to operate during the Movement Control Order (MCO), which was implemented on the 18th of March by the Government, to ensure workers’ safety and security from the highly infectious COVID-19 virus that is plaguing the globe.

Let’s take a look at how some companies are taking the necessary precautions and measures to ensure their employees and the public are safe from the contagious virus.

Car sharing company SOCAR, has modified their modus operandi to now deliver cars directly to customers, instead of the regular practice of requiring customers to travel to a SOCAR Zone to collect their ride, not to mention the regular sanitization of all the vehicles they own.

*For more information on SOCAR’s operations during the MCO, click here.

Whereas companies focused on last-mile delivery of essential items such as Grab, Foodpanda and Agrobazaar Online are only allowing cashless transactions (either through debit/credit cards, online banking, or their respective e-wallet systems) to avoid any sort of human contact between the purchaser and the sender.

More importantly, all staff are given proper training and information on personal hygiene and prevention measures to increase workers’ awareness of the importance of maintaining social distance during their time of work.

Picture source: Grab Malaysia

According to Sean Goh, Country Head of Grab Malaysia, all delivery partners and Grab drivers are given masks, hand sanitizers and other necessary items to ensure safety and security from either spreading or catching the virus.

“In these trying times, we remain committed to serve and support our community to the best of our ability. As a united Malaysia, we are confident that we will weather these challenging times together.”, said Sean Goh in a statement released by Grab.

*For more information on Grab’s operations during the MCO, click here.

Alongside providing various promotions and discounts such as free deliveries, businesses providing essentials and services have gone through a restructuring of their operations to ensure the people will continue to be served during the MCO.

The availability of an online delivery service allows us to stay isolated at home in order to curb the spreading of the COVID-19 through unnecessary traveling. In times like this, it is only important for us to continue to support the service that is being provided to the community by delivery partners and the Government.


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