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MARii, Altair Inc. and ORS sign Digital Twin agreement

The Malaysia Automotive, Robotics & IoT Institute (MARii), Altair Incorporated (USA) and ORS Technologies today inked an agreement to collaborate on product and process development optimisation through the application of digital twin technologies, and to leverage Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning and engineering design simulation.

The MoU will see the three parties combining their expertise in market insights, engineering solutions, automotive design technology, industry awareness, training and consultation as well as knowledge transfer in the area of Digital Twin technologies within the Malaysian and regional markets.

Digital Twin refers to an automated process of continuous updating of the digital representation reflecting the changes to the physical product due to vagaries of operating environment, allowing the digital twin to exactly replicate reality at any given time. This accurate digital representation could be used to simulate situations arising in the real world and to find the most optimal solution to be implemented in the physical world. When the process matures, preventative action could be taken besides using the data for developing more efficient products.

(Watch the video at the end of this article to find out more)

“The application of Digital Twin technologies unlocks a myriad of new possibilities for the automotive design process, as well as others”, explained Dato’ Madani Sahari, MARii CEO.

Dato’ Madani further explained that the real time inputs made possible through Digital Twin technologies have the potential of reducing product and process development costs, creating better opportunities for Malaysian businesses to enhance their competitiveness, and creating new job opportunities and areas of expertise for Malaysians.

On the occasion, Brett Chouinard, the President of Altair Engineering said, “The cyber-physical systems are set to play an ever-increasing role in new product development, apart from being used in extending remaining useful life of the existing products. The “smartness” of the product will encompass every stage of a product’s life cycle and we are actively helping our customers to develop smarter and more efficient products.”

Chouinard further explained that, the reason for this collaboration is to meet the ever-growing demands of customers today. Not only is technology changing but business models are experiencing a total restructure. This, according to Chouinard, is in-line with Altair’s vision to transform design and decision making by applying simulation, machine learning and optimisation throughout product lifecycles.

ORS Managing Director, Khairulnizam Ruslan said, “I am confident that this MOU will take our partnership yet another significant step forward. It is especially important in enabling us to successfully manoeuvre the technological challenges that is essential to fuel the current industry demand and business success.”

The MoU signing ceremony was witnessed by MARii Chairman, Datuk Phang Ah Tong.

Dato’ Madani Sahari is first recipient of Altair’s “Design the Difference” Award

The same event also witnessed MARii CEO, Dato’ Madani Sahari becoming the first ever recipient of the “Design the Difference” award from Altair Inc. This also makes Dato’ Madani the first ever recipient of such an award within the ASEAN region.

The “Design the Difference” award, is a token of appreciation awarded to key figures across industries who have been at the forefront of making a difference in promoting engineering technology within the industry, society, and community.

“Dato’ Madani for some years has been leading initiatives related to bringing about an engineering design thinking in the automotive and related robotics and IoT initiatives in Malaysia,” said Altair Engineering Managing Director (ASEAN), Srirangam Rajagopal Srirangarajan.

He further added, “This has benefited many tier 1 and tier 2 organisations in adopting design engineering in their effort to create local designs, moving away from manufacturing as a primary business. Through setting up an in-house government infrastructure, to implementing training programs on engineering technology, Dato’ Madani has contributed immensely to popularising design and engineering as a discipline in the automotive industry.”

Apart from the Design the Difference award, Altair presents the Enlighten Award, intended to honour the greatest achievements in vehicle weight savings each year.

To know more about Digital Twin, watch the video below:

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