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The first step towards realising Industry4WRD

On the 19th of February 2019, Malaysia Automotive, Robotics and IoT Institute (MARii) held its first engagement with automotive stakeholders and companies regarding the National Policy on Industry 4.0 – Industry4WRD.

The event, held in MARii’s headquarters, was a platform to introduce and explain the initiatives taken by MARii together with the government to embrace and adopt Industry 4.0 related technologies and services through the Industry4WRD policy.

“The Industry4WRD policy contains two main components that we need to understand in order to benefit the automotive industry, which is Readiness Assessment (RA) and Intervention Program (IP)”, said Dato’ Madani Sahari, CEO MARii during the briefing on the Industry4WRD Readiness Assessment and Intervention Program.

Readiness Assessment process flow

Automotive companies that are part of the Industry4WRD initiative will first go through an assessment stage, known as Readiness Assessment (RA) to measure how ready they are to embrace Industry 4.0 related technologies services.

Mainly, 3 components will be assessed:

  • People - Focuses on the people and the entire organisation by emphasising on strategies towards having a suitable set of workforce. - This can be achieved through the development of the required human capital and sustainable transformation activities with regards to organisational strategies, collaboration and governance.

  • Process - Focuses on the management system involved in running business operations, supply chain and product lifecycle, by emphasising on smart and strategic public-private partnerships, security, sustainability and product co-creation.

  • Technology -Focuses on the application of intelligent, connected and automated technologies, measured at three different layers of the business: shop floor, facilities and enterprise.

“RA is a vital procedure to be undertaken by all automotive companies as it allows us to guide automotive companies in identifying their gaps in technology adoption, process efficiency and manpower placement, including other areas that will create a path for these companies to progress towards Industry 4.0”, Dato’ Madani explained.

Intervening through a direct outcome-based approach

After the RA is completed, automotive companies will then go through an Intervention Program (IP), a customisable-program that will be structured based on the results gained from RA.

Dato’ Madani further explained, “IP will be in-line with our two national cars – Proton and Perodua. This approach allows automotive companies to drive their processes towards achieving the requirements set by the two national car brands, enabling a direct outcome approach”.

He added, “This does not only benefit automotive companies but also the Malaysian automotive industry as a whole, allowing Proton and Perodua to grow to become more competitive in the global scene”.

With the requirement of the automotive industry increasing as technology continuously develops, the Industry4WRD policy will be beneficial to automotive companies because it enables these companies to prepare themselves towards adopting Industry 4.0 related technologies and services, allowing them to be future-proof.

While this program is free of charge, there is limited number of spaces allocated for automotive companies to join.

A total of 58 automotive companies were present during the briefing session and all 58 companies successfully registered for the Industry4WRD initiative.

For more information regarding Industry4WRD, you can download the E-book by clicking here.

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