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MARii is an agency established under the purview of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry Malaysia (MITI) that serves to spur the development of strategic and operational intelligent systems through the humanization and utilisation of smart platforms, applications and digital technologies such as Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence.


This shall include the focus on enhancing technology, human capital, supply chain, market outreach and aftersales capabilities in the automotive industry and connected mobility ecosystem.

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Connected Mobility

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Malaysians must be empowered through the spurring of high impact technology sectors, giving them opportunities and space to procure and develop career and entrepreneurship paths at a global playing field.

Such opportunities have been created through the automotive industry. Since the National Automotive Policy 2014 was announced four years ago, Malaysia’s path towards global competitiveness has become ever more clearer, seen in the numerous industry achievements.



Towards An Automated Future

In line with the global move towards a new phase of the Industrial Revolution, dubbed the Industrial Revolution 4.0, robotics in manufacturing plays a key structural role in facilitating the advancements of other aspects of production especially in the automotive industry. Learn more about the role of MARii in pushing for the embrace of the Industrial Revolution 4.0


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Advancing the Industry

The advancement of the digital world will continue to evolve the world around us through every sense, from commerce and trade, to even our public transportation. The application of IoT and its related services are still in its premature stages albeit being particularly useful in enhancing the relationship and needs between customers and manufacturers. Learn more about how the Internet of Things plays a role in the automotive industry.