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Digital Engineering & Protyping


Digital engineering and prototyping is a process to realize highly complex product design and production process design in shortest time during the pre-production or development stages of a product using results of quantitative estimation of the product and  production function, performance and reliability through computer, information, and modeling technology applications.

MARii’s Design Engineering and Prototyping (DEP) programme aims to accelerate the enhancement of design and engineering capability within the automotive industry, especially the component vendors, through digital engineering application.

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The Approach

  • To provide a common platform through shared facilities, software and prototyping hardware in Design, Simulation and Analysis for automotive parts.

  • To provide experts to assist the designers during the entire design work.

  • To provide skill enhancement training in engineering design through customized and specific problem based learning; and experts during actual development.

  • A conducive environment that allows engineers to design and at the same time able to work as in real office environment.