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Malaysia Autoshow 2019: Kinabalu Coders brings Roboneo and Maker’s Corner to the Malaysia Autoshow!

For the first time in the Malaysia Autoshow, Roboneo and Maker’s Corner – organized by Kinabalu Coders will be featured in this year’s edition of the annual event.

Happening from the 11th to the 14 of April 2019 in MAEPS, Serdang, participants will have the opportunity to get close and personal with the latest trends and technologies such as robotics, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

Roboneo – established in 2014, is a platform of open, affordable and accessible robotics thus creating an opportunity for the public to easily access these latest technological advancements.

On top of that, robotics is an excellent teaching tool – progressing steadily from basic electronics to complex programming.

The Roboneo portion of the event will feature three major activities:

1. Robot Combat Competition

This thrilling activity involves various teams in an intense battle involving robots that are built by the participants themselves, promoting a fun yet educational approach towards the application of robotics systems.

(Picture source: Kinabalu Coders)

In a Robot Combat Competition, two teams with a robot not weighing above 8KG will battle it out inside a battle arena. The goals are to:

destroy the opponent’s robot;knock the opponent out of the arena; orcontrol the centre when time runs out.

2. Self-driving Car and Hands-on Tutorial

This activity serves as a showcase for visitors to build and program their own self-driving car from scratch.

This activity is based on DonkeyCar, an open-source do-it-yourself (DIY) self-driving car platform. It uses a modified remote control car’s body frame with a Raspberry Pi microcomputer and a camera to serve as its driver intelligence and vision.

(Picture source: Kinabalu Coders)

The camera and machine learning capabilities are used to navigate through an obstacle course with the main goal being completing the course in the fastest time and to stay in the course as long as possible without crashing or malfunction.

3. Sumo Robot 500

This exciting activity is an autonomous battle between two robots with the goal being taking control of the battle ring by pushing the opponent’s robot out of the battle arena, hence the name – Sumo.

(Picture source: Kinabalu Coders)

This activity gives participants a hands-on experience with programming as they need to  program their robot to detect their opponents’ robot while “teaching” the robots to kick out the enemy’s robot.

Maker’s Corner

This activity is a celebration of creativity, innovation and expression. The Maker’s Corner will feature all-in-one maker workshops and hands-on covering the projects and innovations on the following platforms:

  • Raspberry Pi – portable credit-card size computing boards, used for desktop computing, programming and prototyping

  • Arduino microcontrollers – used for robotics, motor and sensor controls – perfect for the Internet of Things

  • BBC Microbit board – a small and affordable microcontroller board with embedded sensors – great for children and people getting started with programming!

  • General electronics, 3D printers, the Internet of Things and more!

(Picture source: Kinabalu Coders)

Visitors of the Malaysia Autoshow will be given personal coaching sessions on how to use these devices through simple, easy-to-learn projects. It only takes a few minutes and visitors can then experiment and build on the vast possibilities offered by these platforms.

All of the activities mentioned above will be happening in the MARii Mobility Hall. Come and try out all the cool technologies and hands-on activities that will not only provide entertainment but also knowledge, experience and inspiration.

The Malaysia Autoshow 2019 will be happening from the 11th to the 14th of April 2019 in MAEPS, Serdang. See you there!

For more information regarding the Malaysia Autoshow, please visit: autoshow.com.my

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